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Forensic Networker includes 2 CDs, 1 DVD and worksheets. It is a powerful tool to have for a successful Network Marketing business.

"Ramin Mesgarlou’s Forensic Networker® training is one of the most systematic, nuts & bolts, step-by-step approaches to building a sustainable network marketing business. Armed with this powerful educational tool, you and your organization are sure to flourish." - Chris Gross, CEO of Networking TImes®

"The Forensic Networker® is about facts and figures, no hype, that is what the direct selling distributor need to be successful." - Ted Nuyten, CEO of
3 out of 5
You probably shouldn’t advertise a DVD and all it contains a 5 minute or so video that could be seen on you-tube perhaps. The real value here is half way through the second CD. Please edit the description and let people know exactly what they are getting.
Either include this with an intro LC package, or sell it with the book. Thanks..had a rating of 1, the second CD got it up to 3.
2 out of 5
Let’s try t his again. I am very disappointed in the DVD. Why put a 5-10 minute video on a DVD that we can watch on you-tube or somewhere else? I was expecting something more there.
CD #1 is basically a promo for the book.
CD #2 starts with basically the audio from the DVD, and then follows with some useful things. So basically the last 5 mins, but you will need the book.
This should not be sold as a standalone to this audience, either describe what we’re getting properly or include it with the book.
Thank you.

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