POSH VIBE - Lianne -Bracelet

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- Genuine Green Quartz with Pearl Stretchy Bracelet
- Size 34 x 20MM, 9 x 8MM
- Made with IP plated stainless steel
- One size fits all
- Hypoallergenic
- Length: 7 inch

POSH Vibe - Everyone, Everywhere, Every Occasion.

Quartzite is a gemstone that was once Quartz but mother nature has heated it to such extreme tempereatures it’s been reforged into an even stronger gemstone! Quartzite also serves as a wonderful canvas as it can be enhanced to be a multitude of colors.

Shell Pearls are exactly as they sound - pearls that have been created utilizing natural shell material. The result is a genuine material that creates a perfect shape and finish with incredible luster.

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