FERI - Martim - shoes - Red Croc Print

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Product Details

- Mens genuine leather laced shoes
- Real calf hide leather upper with leather sole
- Leather is imprinted with crocodile skin texture
- Sole made with rubber for non-slip properties
- Custom sole imprint with FERI design
- Hand brushed leather creates unique look
- Colour: Red
- Heel height: 0.98 inches
- Hardware plate: 0.79 inches x 0.28 inches

Invest with confidence in FERI Designer Lines.
5 out of 5
I was totally blown away by this piece. People were seeing the shoes before they saw me and wanted to take pictures with me, I truly felt like a celebrity in my Feri Martim shoes.

The shoe is comfortable and fitted me perfectly for the size chosen. Love the feel of Luxury!!!
5 out of 5
I think that these shoes are the best. They fit like a glove and you can wear them all day long and forget that you have them on your feet.

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